insearchof benadering


Achieve lasting results through thorough, committed and exclusive support from two therapists using a broad range of tools.

Enduring and profound change

Therapy at In Search Of offers couples and individuals enduring and profound change in the form of less suffering, more resilience, more vitality, deeper relationships and a path to real growth. We have crafted an approach to therapy aimed at realising these benefits.

For example, the two of us always conduct couples therapy together. This adds depth and balance to the process of our clients, who benefit from a male and female perspective and two sets of experiences, skills and knowledge. By working together, we can also provide individual support around each partner’s personal challenges, adding up to three parallel processes that reinforce one another. Clients are free to decide which one of us they want to work with.

In order to be effective, we use a wide range of tools that not only engage the mind, but also the heart and body of our clients. We draw from inner child work, the Gottman Method, haptotherapy, systemic work, family coaching, NLP, MBTI and the Enneagram, but also from martial arts and the work of Gurdjieff.

This diversity is the result of our dedication to our profession, our relationship and ourselves. Over the years, we have invested heavily in our own training and personal and couples therapy, and we continue to do so. After all, as therapists we are our own instrument and we can only guide others to where we ourselves have already been.

Depth, exclusivity and dedication

We also strive for depth. We believe in the value of long-term processes in which we take a fundamental look at who our clients have been, are and will become. Our clients are not a set of symptoms to which we apply a technique, but living beings comprising a multitude of layers and parts. By working with people – and their relations – in this context, we achieve truly sustainable results.

We also do this by offering clients a clear process with a beginning, middle and an end. We provide direction without being rigid and carefully adapt to the personal, often changing circumstances of our clients. We look closely at what is possible in the moment.

We also offer our clients exclusivity and dedication. We only have 1 or 2 clients a day, so we have room for long and in-depth sessions, sometimes even lasting a day or several days in a row. We do not have a waiting list and can respond quickly in times of crisis. Free from the usual time constraints of busy practices, we offer our clients space and freedom to explore. We are also available for calls outside of sessions, which can take place in the evenings and on weekends in addition to more traditional office hours.

Our office is also integral to our work. We have furnished our practice with attention and care, making it beautiful, light, quiet, and discreet. With a wonderful view of nature, you will quickly feel at ease.

We pay similar attention to data security: for e-mail and data storage we use 'privacy-by-design' service providers, which encrypt data end-to-end and store it in countries with strong privacy legislation such as Switzerland. We have also secured our network with a physical firewall and VPN connection. Our Privacy Statement can be found here.