• klaprozen
    Lust for life or burden of life?

    We are all under pressure. At work. At home. From what others expect of us and what we ourselves think we should do. Or be or not be. That pressure is often unhealthy. It keeps us from what is important and wears us out. With the risk that we end up in a burnout or [...]

  • What are you in search of?

    Life can be predictable and boring. We have our routines, know who we are and accept that certain things happen the way they do. But sometimes things radically change. We alter the course of our life or are confronted by a major event. A major career move. A first child. Serious illness or divorce. When [...]

  • Relation poison

    The COVID-19 pandemic has left a huge mark on society, with overcrowded hospitals, personal tragedies, and severe restrictions. Likewise, it has impacted our most intimate relationships, especially those with our partner. Suddenly we were all locked up in the house; team meetings via Zoom in the bedroom, children having class in the living [...]

  • The rhythm of life

    The rhythm of life is expansion and contraction. Our heart and lungs pulsate in a finely tuned dance with the rest of our body. The tides move in and out of shore in sync with the moon. The oak tree, the field of wheat, the bee hive, they all cycle between dormancy and abundance as [...]