Our office in Oosterbeek is being renovated and will open its doors on 1 May 2022. Until then we work with clients at another location in Oosterbeek. In certain cases it will also be possible to have sessions at our old office in Heemstede until May 1. Please contact us for more information.

We recommend our clients to work face-to-face with us, because that is how we can achieve the best results. However, if distance is an issue or you are concerned about your health, we are open to working online.

We have international clients who travel to The Netherlands to work with us, often for an intensive that lasts a number of days. Oosterbeek is an hour and fifteen minutes from Schiphol Airport and the area is green and hilly. We are happy to recommend hotels.

  • Generaal Urquhartlaan 31
    6861 GE Oosterbeek
    The Netherlands

    +31 6 443 770 45

    +31 6 47 234 295

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