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Ieder mens kan een zinvol, gelukkig en vredig leven leiden. Dit kan door het verleden te helen en door innerlijke groei te stimuleren. Wij doen dit met aandacht en zorg.

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Therapie is groeien op de emotionele en existentiële laag die aan de menselijke basis ligt. Daarmee is het de beste investering in jezelf, je relatie en je gezin.

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Relaties zijn waardevol, maar kunnen ook een bron zijn van verdriet en frustratie. Wij werken graag met stellen aan het versterken van hun band, ook bij crisis en twijfel.

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  • Ilja van Roon

We have a shared desire for inner growth and a meaningful existence. We prioritize this in our relationship and in our lives. For example, we have both undergone an intensive process of inner development and can draw on a wealth of professional and personal experiences when supporting our clients. In Search Of embodies who we are and what we offer our clients: a place to explore, learn, heal and connect.

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  • Fleur van Roon-Heuzinkveld

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“Ilja’s way of working has had a profound impact on my life. It brought back the warmth and love for the people around me. But most of all I feel love for myself now, I feel strength and inner peace. Ilja helped me to find my way home to my true self.”
Mirjam van Galen

“I used to live as if I was supposed to make other people happy. But by meeting the expectations of others, there was less and less of me. Now, I am making my own choices, protecting my boundaries and taking care of my children the way I think I should. I see possibilities now and fewer obstructions to do what I want to do. Working with Ilja was tough, but I am happy with the place I am in now.”


“I am amazed by Ilja’s talent of unprejudiced deep listening and I am grateful for the permanent change that raised my quality of life to a new level. Ilja has given me the tools to excel in my personal growth. To me one of the most valuable assets of life.”


Gertjan Non
“When I started the Life Foundation programme, I felt exhausted, dissatisfied and frustrated. In trying to get approval from others, I had neglected my own needs and boundaries and had lost touch with who I was. Now, I have reconnected with my core and found a strong base inside of me. I trust my feelings, I am more at peace with myself and I am beginning to get a sense of my purpose in life. Looking at my roadmap for the coming five years, I feel curious and energized.”
“You woke me up to take responsibility and control of my life. Wounds where healed, inner beliefs were re-evaluated. Now I’m more honest, more present and more persistent in walking the path I desire. I’m grateful for your wisdom and guidance.”
“After a period of doubt, Ilja helped me to clear my mind. This removed my doubts and allowed me to see my future with clarity. I am also open to what I believe and feel. This is coming from a quiet, trustworthy and harmonious place, clear and without judgement. Wouldn’t you agree that it is nicer to be authentic than to be fake.”
Stephan Leveling