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"I spent almost 12 months working heavily with Ilja across 2020/21 which left a profound positive response. Ilja helped me deal with some trauma which was impacting me negatively; helped me understand myself in a very deep and concise manner; and ultimately helped me become better and the best version of myself. One of the best investments in me I’ve made, and fortunate to have a great friend now as well. The journey continues! Strongly recommend him if you want more in life."


"I am amazed by Ilja's talent for unbiased and deep listening and am grateful that the quality of my life has been permanently raised to a new level. Ilja has given me the tools to excel in my personal growth. For me, one of the most valuable investments of my life."

Gertjan Non

"After a period of doubt, Ilja helped me sort out my thoughts. My doubts disappeared and I was able to see my future clearly again. I am also open to what I am thinking and feeling. All this comes from a calm, trusting and harmonious place, clear and without judgement. Don't you also think it's nicer to be real than fake?"

Stephan Leveling

"I lived as if I needed to make other people happy. But by meeting their expectations, there was less and less of me. Now I make my own choices, protect my boundaries and take care of my children in a way that suits me. I see opportunities and fewer obstacles to doing what I want to do. Working with Ilja was tough, but I am happy with where I ended up."


"When I started Life Foundation, I felt exhausted, dissatisfied and frustrated. In trying to gain the approval of others, I had neglected my own desires and boundaries and had lost touch with myself. Now I am reconnected to my core and have found a strong foundation within myself. I trust my feelings, feel more peaceful and am beginning to get a sense of the meaning of my life. Looking at my roadmap for the next five years, I feel curious and energised."


"Ilja's way of working has had a great impact on my life. It brought me warmth and love for the people around me. But above all, I feel love for myself, feel my strength and inner peace. Ilja helped me find my way to my true self."

Mirjam van Galen

"You shook me up to take responsibility for my life. Wounds were healed, beliefs were held up to the light. I am now more honest, more present and walk my own path with conviction. I am grateful for your guidance."


"In a period in which I could no longer keep track of things, I doubted everything and especially myself and was constantly overwhelmed by my emotions, Fleur helped me regain my overview. She gave me insights that I will take with me for the rest of my life. It was an intensive and tough process, but I wouldn't have wanted to miss it. I have become a better and happier person because of it. Fleur helped me fantastically! Thank you."