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Relationship boost

Check the state of your relationship and improve your friendship, conflict and shared meaning in four sessions.

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Relationship boost in 4 sessions

Relationships are a source of satisfaction and challenge, but also of potential growth. That is why we like to explore the challenges and possibilities of your relationship in a series of four 1.5-hour sessions. This provides your relationship with a check-up and a boost.

We cover the nine building blocks of a healthy relationship and learn ways to strengthen yours. We focus on friendship and intimacy, but also shared meaning and ways to ensure conflict connects rather than separates.

This private programme is intended for couples whose relationship is essentially fine and who are looking to deepen their connection. It is less suitable for couples who are struggling and who would benefit from more thorough couples therapy.


Before we get started, we’d like have a brief chat on the phone to hear your expectations and needs. Afterwards both of you complete two questionnaires about your relationship, which give us a better understanding of what’s going on.

Session 1: The House of Love
A strong and resilient House of Love has nine building blocks. What are they? Which parts are strong in your relationship and which could benefit from some attention? We also look at old wounds and things you are grateful for.

Session 2: Friendship and Shared Meaning
A warm and respectful friendship is the basis of a strong relationship. But a relationship also thrives when you derive meaning from being together. In this session we pay attention to both aspects.

Session 3: Constructive Conflict
Conflicts can drag on and be exhausting, or they can promote intimacy and understanding. In this session, we will show you how to have more constructive conflict: which toxic behaviors should you avoid when disagreeing with each other and what should you do instead?

Session 4: Mapping the Future
Much of our attention is focused on the here and now, on work, children, friends and family. But what does the future look like? What opportunities and difficulties present themselves? How can you contribute to each other’s dreams? We end this exciting process by helping you map your future.


Relation Boost requires an investment of €950, including 21% VAT when billed privately and excluding 21% VAT when billed to a business. This fee covers the introductory chat, the analysis of all questionnaires and four 1.5-hour sessions in Oosterbeek with two therapists.

The four sessions can be scheduled separately, for example once week or fortnight, but can also take place consecutively on a single day. The latter option is a more intense, but exciting approach.


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