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Life foundation

Exclusive and private 12-day programme that will liberate you from painful patterns and elevate your life.

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Life can be good. When we get satisfaction from our work and meaning from our relationship. When we’re in a flow and things just go right. When we are at our best. Sometimes, however, we get stuck. In relationships that don’t work or people who hurt us. In turbulent feelings such as depression, shame or not being good enough. Or in a job we know is not right for us.

What also happens is that the way in which we cope with these difficulties themselves become a new source of problems. This is especially the case when we turn to conflict (avoidance), workalcoholism, substance abuse, avoiding relations or clinging to an unhealthy one, or shutting down our feelings.

We’re not doing this because there’s something wrong with us. It’s because of what we have learnt as a child growing up.

About who we could and should be, the role we were supposed to play, how much space there was for our feelings and needs.

Sometimes the lessons we learnt were painful, such as when others crossed our boundaries or when a loved one left us. Sometimes we grew up in dysfunctional families.

Without realising it, this history continues to live on inside of us. It causes us to repeat the patterns of the past, for example in our parenting or relationship, and to experience life’s challenges as something that constantly hurts us. Often, we blame ourselves for this, which adds fuel to the fire.

To change these deep-rooted, often unconscious patterns, it is necessary to tackle them at the source. To strip them of their strength there and to develop healthy alternatives.

When we break free from our programming, we become freer to live in alignment with our feelings, values and needs, establish equal relationships, do work that really nourishes us, and raise our children healthier.

The Life Foundation program is designed for this. It is a broad and in-depth program in which we build a firmer inner foundation for better self-care, work, relationships, parenting and friendships. It’s for men and women who want to break through the old and make space for the new.


  • 10-12 full days of private, one-on-one work in a comfortable environment
  • Combines tools from various healing and development disciplines
  • Effective approach that engages body, mind and heart
  • Live with more vitality, purpose, intimacy and authenticity
  • Put your true values, talents and needs at the heart of your life
  • Uncover and realise your hidden potential
  • Tackle the emotional and mental patterns that undermine your life

Block 1: 2 days

We start our process by taking an in-depth look at your life and how it shaped you.

We identify your MBTI and Enneagram personality types. These are two powerful and complementary tools for self-understanding that explain why you do what you do and in what areas you can develop. MBTI and Enneagram are often taught separate from one another, and this programme is one of the few in which their relationship becomes more apparent.

We also take a detailed personal history. How did your family of origin, school, and culture shape you? Which emotional burdens are you still carrying? Which events in adult life made an impression on you?

For many people, this is the first time they take a detailed look at their entire life and see the experiences and patterns that govern them. It also shows you how you see yourself, set boundaries, fulfill your needs, deal with conflict, express emotions, pursue goals, relate to people and other key areas of human development.

At the end of this block, you will know yourself in a new way. Also, we will be well prepared to tackle the main issues and challenges in block 2.

Block 2: 8 days

In this block we work on the limiting patterns and emotional burdens we identified in Block 1. We use effective tools from different disciplines, with an emphasis on body work and your emotions.

The latter is important: we don’t just talk and analyse, but get to the actual source of the issues that bother you. This emphasis on feelings and the body ensures that the process offers sustainable results.

In addition to depth, breadth is another characteristic of this programme. We don’t just work on a single problem – for example depression, addiction, burnout, lack of meaning – but look at how everything connects to every part of your life.

This makes Life Foundation not a quick, but a thorough process. We don’t just tackle a wide range of ‘problems’, but ensure improvements in one area are reflected in others. That takes time, but it’s worth it.

Gradually Life Foundation will increase your vitality and resilience. You will heal old, often unknown wounds and let go off old burdens. This liberates your energy and creates room for new things.

It will also become more apparent who you really are, what you really want and what aspects of yourself you would like to develop. You will also treat yourself and others in a healthier way.

It’s likely that many things in your life will change. But it will happen at a responsible pace that enables you to adapt your outside world to your inner world. We will help you to make this transition as smooth as possible.

If you want, you can complete the Life Foundation program after this block. However, many choose to continue with block three, which focuses entirely on building a new future.

Block 3: 2 days (optional)

This last block is optional, but follows naturally from block 2. In it, we look ahead, at how you want to shape your future.

The way we do this depends on your needs, dreams and ambitions, which by then will be freer from old patterns and therefore clearer.

Some clients want to reshape their relationships or wonder what kind of parent or person they want to become.

Others want to work on their personal mission, vision and purpose, or explore how they can give their career or business a boost.

Whatever it is we’re looking at, we’ll create a roadmap for the next few years. Your values, talents and needs will be central to this. This is a good way to an intense and life-altering process.

We tend to see that the changes made during the program are permanent. But life goes on and we evolve, and some clients return once in a while to work on new things. Our door is always open.


Life Foundation comprises 10-12 full days, with each day starting at 09:00 and ending at around 15:00 – 16:00. Half days are an option, too.

You may complete the programme at your own pace. Many people choose to come in once every two to three weeks. This would allow you plenty of time to integrate what you learn. Other people, especially our international clients, prefer to do an intensive. In this case we pack the curriculum into three four-day periods or four three-day periods, with 1-3 months in between.

We don’t work with health insurers and don’t have a waiting list. Generally speaking we can get you started quickly.

You can do your Life Foundation with either Fleur or Ilja. We recommend that our clients work face to face with us, because it allows us to have the best results. If distance is an issue or you are worried about your health, we can work online.


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