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Exclusive and private 12-day programme that will liberate you from painful patterns and elevate your career.

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Work is an important part of life. It is a way to earn income, a source of self-worth, a domain of meaning, connection and community. And a lot more – or less – depending on how we were raised and view things.
And in our work, especially when we lead, we encounter ourselves, both in the good and the difficult. Such as in how we set boundaries and handle conflict, how we connect or close off emotionally, how we balance our needs with the expectations of others.

In our leadership we also express what drives us as human beings. Why do we want this role? What does success mean to us? What do we need to feel valuable and good?

Just like in the rest of our lives, our deepest patterns emerge in our leadership. For example, when we clash with someone or get triggered by people and situations. Or when we avoid situations, which then become the source of new problems.

It is important to gain leadership knowledge and skills. Perhaps even more important is the inner game of leadership, who we are as leaders and human beings. That determines whether we reach the next level or become our own obstacle.

The Leadership Foundation programme is designed to give leaders a strong inner foundation. It gives your career a boost by making your true values, passions, needs and desires the core of your leadership and by creating space for inner growth.


  • 12 full days of private, one-on-one work in a comfortable environment
  • Combines tools from various healing and development disciplines
  • Effective approach that engages body, mind and heart
  • Lead with more impact, presence, authenticity, and inspiration
  • Uncover and realise your true leadership potential
  • Put your values, needs and talents at the heart of your leadership
  • Tackle the emotional and mental patterns that undermine your life

Block 1: 2 days

The next phase of your leadership starts with you as a human being, with how life has shaped you and why you do what you do.

We start with a self-assessment, in which you reflect on your performance at work and your private life. This is a baseline measurement, by which we measure your progress later on.

We also identify your MBTI and Enneagram types. These instruments clarify your motivations, your mental and emotional functioning and how you deal with difficult situations at work.

MBTI and Enneagram are often used separately from each other, and this programme is one of the few in which their inter-relationship is clarified. This deepens your self-insight.

We also take a detailed look at your personal history. How have your family of origin, school and culture shaped you? What emotional burden from the past do you still carry? What events from your adult life have changed you?

For many leaders, this is the first time they look at their lives in such detail and see the big picture and repeating patterns. And how they have influenced their career path and current role.

All of this sheds light on the current state of your inner foundation, e.g. how you see yourself, draw boundaries, fulfil your needs, deal with conflict, express emotions, pursue goals, and relate to people.

You also get a better sense of which inner patterns are ineffective or even destructive, and in which areas you have to grow as a person in order to reach the next level.

With all this mapped out, you are more aware of yourself and we are well prepared for block 2, where we go a level deeper.

Block 2: 8 days

In this block we work on the limiting patterns and emotional burdens we identified in Block 1. We use effective tools from different disciplines, with an emphasis on body work and your emotions. The latter is important: we don’t just talk and analyse, we get to the actual root of what gets you stuck. This means the process is challenging, but also effective long-term.

In addition to depth, this programme is characterised by breadth. We don’t just work on one problem or goal, but look at how everything connects in you as a human being and a leader. This makes Leadership Foundation a thorough rather than a quick process. It tackles a wide range of issues and improvements in one area feed into others. That takes time, but is worth it.

Because Leadership Foundation gradually changes your leadership. First because you develop healthy alternatives to limiting patterns. You may feel more confident, become more accessible, connect more easily, express your emotions more naturally and deal with conflict more easily. And instead of trying hard to prove something, you can be present in a more natural way. This makes you more effective and authentic.

It also becomes clearer who you really are as a person, what you really want and what potential you still want to realize. You naturally start treating yourself and others with more compassion. Slowly but steadily you adapt your outside world to your inner world. We help you to make this transition as smooth as possible.

When that process is well underway, you are ready for block three, which focuses more on the future.

Block 3: 2 days

This final block follows naturally on block 2. While previously we looked at the past, we now look at your future career and leadership. We adjust this process to your needs, dreams and ambitions, which by then will be freer from old patterns and therefore clearer.

Some clients work on their mission, vision and purpose, or determine concrete steps towards a promotion. Others continue to build their identity as a leader and think about how they can align their team and organisation with it.

Whatever it is we’re looking at, we’ll create a roadmap for the next few years. Your values, talents and needs will be central to this. This is a good way to an intense and life-altering process.

There are clients who periodically come by after this to check in and continue working on all the new things that work and life brings. We tend to see see that the changes made during the programme are permanent.

Choose your own pace

Leadership Foundation is a private programme, meaning maximum attention and discretion. The program covers 12 full days starting at 9:00 AM and ending around 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM. Half days are also an option.

You determine the pace at which you complete the programme. Many people come once every two to three weeks. This way you can integrate what you learn into your leadership at a decent pace.

Others prefer an intensive process. In this case, we divide the programme into blocks of 3-4 consecutive days with 1-3 months in between.

This programme is suitable for those in a leadership position or those who are working towards it. However, it can also be valuable to entrepreneurs or employees without a leadership position. The sector in which they operate is irrelevant, as is their age.

The Leadership Foundation programme can be done with either Fleur or Ilja. We recommend that our clients work with us in person in order to get the best results. However, if distance is an issue or you have health concerns, we are happy to work online.

Discretion is important to us. We never report to our clients’ superior or HR department, even if the organisation pays for the programme. The only exception is when this is done at the request of and in coordination with the client.

We attach great importance to a personal introductory meeting prior to the start of the programme. This allows us to talk about each other’s needs and expectations, and gauge whether the prerequisite ‘click’ is present. Of course we also discuss financial matters.


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